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Sparx Support Services is a platform created to embrace students with every step they make on their academic journey.

We helped over 1,000+ students

Sparx Scholar

Each child working with Sparx Services are treated as the scholars that they are and will remain to be.

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At Sparx, we work together with the child's principals, teacher, parents and service providers to ensure all levels of support.

This program was designed to encompass each child's academic and social/emotional well-being.

Educators and parents do need additional resources when dealing with the unique methods of an IEP learner.

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Working together allows the child to receive the academic support needed to achieve all IEP goals and staying on track for further growth.

Sparx has top IEP specialists to form the Academic Enrichment team right for your child’s learning path.

What Can We Do For You?


With our Special education teacher support services, we match our students with qualified educators who tutor in their specific areas of expertise.


A Paraprofessional offers children that are struggling with behavior-related challenges that are effecting them in school. We'll help you get setup with a full-time Paraprofesional right away.


Are you looking for a qualified Special Education Tutor? Since 2019 we’ve offered personalized lessons in the New York City area. We truly believe that personalized learning ensures maximum results.


Wondering how to overcome learning challenges? It’s all too easy to get overwhelmed by new or difficult subjects. We help students build confidence and develop study strategies they can apply to all areas of learning.

“The beginning is always today”

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